Southwest Regional League: Four goals in 3 matches at the Regional League Opener

The first ball of the 2019 season of the South west regional league was kicked on Sunday, February 24, 2019 at the Limbe Community field, under the watchful eyes of President, Ndive Thomas and close collaborators.

The first game saw Njalla Quan SA take on Ajax, and it was worth the watch despite the dust and the bald surface, the lads managed to impress. A goal came in the 37 minute of play from Mbus Madibat. NQSA fully deserved it because of their style of play, then, in the second segment of the game Ajax of Tiko only had themselves to blame, with a bucket of chances missed.

NQSA engaged in a little bit of time wasting; trying to kill the game off, and the spirit’s of the Ajax players but a red card was shown to one of their own for that reason. Captain Soh Tata Noel took matters into his hands around the 78th minute, and scored a superb solo effort, and that was pretty much that as a joyous coach, Tete Edwin gave his view of the full match ; “we have our own style and philosophy. You see, we are trying to adopt a more tactical 5-3-2 system to bring a difference because, if the children are able to follow it, it is one of the best systems”. “We had to change the system to a 4-3-2 system when we were a man down. I think some of the cards especially the red, was controversial but this win can only boost the confidence of the players”.

The second game, pitting EEMSA against FUSSA provided two goals of the highest quality, that all came in the first half. The well oiled machine of EEMSA caught the defense of FUSSA twice, in the first half to end doubts in the game. Nanje Obase Yannick scored the first, while club captain, Kimbi Edwin expertly killed the ball first time, in the left hand side and kissed (slight made contact) with the ball, passed the helpless goal keeper, Kenne Samuel Offua.

The third game, tagged the best game of the day failed to produce the ‘end to end’ stuff many football lover’s would have aimed for. LIFCA was held by Best stars in a 0-0 game, but the scores do not tell the right story, as the population saw some cameo’s of the beautiful game, but the ball refused to hit the back of the net in several occasions.

Talking with coach Djoufack of Best Stars, he said “For me one point is important. I think up to now, it was a difficult match because of the field. I don’t think we have trained or played in this type of field in 7 months”. When asked about the clubs ambitions he went on “I have told you people it is gradually, but I think very soon we would start meaning business.

The assistant coach of LIFCA, coach Lucas Bikoko was satisfied;” it was not bad, they dominated and tried their best but couldn’t make it. They put into practice what we told them, but we are lacking in two compartments play maker and center forward”.

Sunday, 24/02/2019


Limbe Community Field

NQSA 2-0 Ajax FC Likomba


Best Stars 0-0 LIFCA

Wednesday, 27/02/2019

ISOHSA vs University of Buea FC

Tiko United vs Little Foot FC

Dynamic FC vs Ekona FC

Mount Cameroon FC vs Continental FA

Thursday, 28/02/2019


Buea United vs Catholic University FC

Sunday, 03/03/2019

Kumba Lakers FC vs PWD Kumba

Bau Manibok vs Trevisio FC

The league has been declared open, and the games would be coming thick and fast with another round of fixtures programmed for Wednesday.

Giovanni Wanneh.

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