Ngoundere FC brush aside Reviere du Noun to lead Pool A after Day One

Ngoundere FC has taken lead of Pool A at the on-going National Inter-pool competition in Bertoua after beating Riviere Football Club du Noun 4-1. The representative of the Adamawa Region expressed their readiness to qualify for the Elite Two Championship in fine form thanks to a hat-trick from Hamadama Oumarou 20”, 63” and 77” and a goal from Jean Otis Junior Ali 32”.

Though Reviere du Noun tried to hold back the boys of Coach Oumarou Sanda (former player with Cotton Sport of Garoua) with a goal by David Kareem 36” when they were still at a two goals lead, the Adamawa Team will not stop scoring two more to make a difference on the tournament opening day.

“I fill very happy we did this. It was challenging at the beginning because of the quality of the stadium; as you know we are not use to this quality in Ngoundere. We practically play on dust or gravel. But then we tried to master the field and to do what brought us here. Reviere du Noun was a good team but we had to play hard to overpower them. I am happy I scored three goals to achieve the overall dream of the club which is to win and qualify the team. We have no Elite team so we have to work hard” Hamadam Oumarou told FECAFOOT Press.

Ngoundere FC had to unseat AS Dibamba FC of the Littoral Region that had earlier beaten Olympique FC de Bewong Bane 2-1 during the opening game from the leadership position. Goals from Etienne Fred N. 46” and Julien Lamour Ndjoume E. 75” were enough to seal a win for Coach Olivier jean Francois Sibell’s team.

The unofficial classification thus puts Ngoundere FC on top of the group with 3pts +3goals. AS Dibamba FC comes second with 3pts +2, Olympique FC de Biwong Bane is third with no point -2goals and Reviere du Noun fourth with no point -3goals.