Ngoundere FC brings honour to Adamawa Region

Ngoundere FC representative of the Abamawa Region at the 2019 National Inter-pool has emerged champions of Pool A thus qualifying for next season’s League Two championship.

The boys of Coach Oumarou SANDA waved aside Volcan du Noun 2-1 at the close of a highly contested last but one encounter at this year’s tournament to clinch the available ticket for ascension into the second tier championship for Pool A.

Though Volcan du Noun opened scores via header from Daouda Ngouh 27″, Ngoundere FC replied six minutes to half time after Jean Otis Junior forced the ball into the net from a goal mouth tussle to keep scores level at the end of the first 45minutes.

Upon resumption of the second half, Ngoundere FC quikly increased tally via Moussa Abdoulaye 50″. The score line will be 2-1 at full time paving way for a huge celebration at the Stade Departemental Bertoua

All efforts by Coach Sylvain Njoya of Volcan du Noun could not prevent the Adamawa regional representative from bringing honour to their people.

Ngoundere FC becomes the second team to grab a League Two from the 2019 Inter-pool after Foncha Street FC of Bamenda.