National Inter-pool 2019 in Bertoua

From August 24, 2019, Champions of the ten regional leagues will be taking part in the National Inter-pool to take place in the beautiful city of Bertoua ; Capital of the East Region. The football showpiece under the coordination and supervision of the Cameroon Football FECAFOOT is expected to produce newcomers into the National Elite Two Championship. The following ten qualified teams come to Bertoua with only one dream; clinch an Elite Two ticket. Adamaoua : Ngoundere FC, North: Etoile Filante de Garoua, West: Volcan FC du Noun, South: Olympique de Biwong Bane, Center: Mercure de Bafia, Extreme North: Kohi Club de Maoura, Littoral: Association Sportive de Dibamba FC, North West: Foncha Street FC Bamenda, South West: PWD Social Club of Kumba and East: Stade Football de Bertoua. These teams have been drawn in pools as follows :


  • Olympique de Biwong Bane
  • Association Sportive de Dibamba FC
  • Volcan FC du Noun
  • Ngaoundere FC


  • Stade Football de Bertoua
  • Kohi Club de Maroua
  • PWD Social Club of Kumba


  • Etoile Filante de Garoua
  • Foncha Street FC Bamenda
  • Mercure de Bafia

The search for qualification begins Saturday August 24, 2019 with every team hoping to be the best in her pool. As per the regulations, the best team from every group will qualify making a total of three.