Louves minproff miss first entry in female championship

Allaient was quit going on well for the cup winner’s of the women’s tournament for the year 2019 louves minproff, during their first encounter of the round 1 female championship this Saturday may the 16th. The girls were dominating with a 1 goal _ zero advantage over Girls of Awa fc with a goal scored by player Ghislaine Nkou during the first 30mins.
Despite the pressure girls from Awa fc did put on team louves minproff, nothing fruitful came out of the struggle. Fortunately for Awa, some 15mins to the end of the game, a penalty shot was given to Abimaga Bana who concretised the action.
The match thus ended with a final score of one goal each, same result in the fixture that opposed Canon and Amazone fap earlier in the afternoon.

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