2021 National Interpools:Riziere misses Elite Ticket plays 1#1 against Best Stars

Riziere FC de Tonga has failed to qualify to Elite Two after playing a 1#1 game against Best Stars Academy of Limbe.

Ferdinand Nyuyki opened scores for Best Stars Academy but their early goal was easily levelled by Andre Mbarga. This was in the eighth game of of the national Interpools played at Bamendzi stadium in Bafoussam.

First Half

A Colorful game it was from kick-off with both teams aiming for the goal post at all cost. A forefront movement was the play style of the West and South West teams at the Bamendzi stadium.

Barely five minutes of play Riziere FC picked up a loose ball from the media headed forward to take the lead but their efforts were easily stopped by Daniel Mambu Tangwo.

Both sides kept their hopes up for a win in the battle enjoying more of the game time around the media.

In an attempt to put his side up, Corines Bonde Che collapsed the defence of Riziere, beat three plays, found Daniel Mambu Tangwo whose shot failed the fans of Best Stars sending the ball off the goal post.

Another opportunity came knocking for the boys of coach Keukang Saturnin Mondong through a corner kick, Riziere once again stood their grounds clearing the danger.

Riziere eventually found their feet in the game 30 minutes winning more of the game time. With 200 seconds they had five shots on target with no goal recorded.

Best Stars’ hopes of changing the score board before break were wasted by Ferdinand Nyuyki and Eta Kufere from crosses by Kingsley Ashu Micheal Nanga from poor finishing. Ending the first half 0#0.

Second Half

The gods of Best Stars Academy seemed to be sleeping upon return for the last 45 minutes. Best Stars were given two opportunities Corines Bonde Che and Ferdinand Nyuyki all failed to take the lead.

Coach Njoya Sylvain of Riziere brought in attempt to better his team brought in Abdou Aziz replacing Moussa Njutap Voll. While coach Keukang Saturnin changed his play style brining in Ulrich Likanjo and Tataw Farbress.

The substitution played well for Best Stars as Ferdinand Nyuyki gave the first goal of the game putting his side up.

Minutes later Andre Mbarga increased the hopes of Riziere taking advantage of the weakness of defender Mbendja Gumaji to go pass goalkeeper Evans Apah levelling scores to 1#1.

All attempts for more goals failed with the game ending 1#1.

Best Stars now has one point looking forward to face pool leader Rangers FC of Bafut who jas three points.

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