Players wellbeing: a priority to FECAFOOT

Members of the Players Status Commission of the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT have ended three days of deliberation on the wellbeing of footballers in the country. The commission met recently with focus on analysing players contract details.
According to the rapporteur of the commission Djankou Gabriel, over 1460 files was received by the commission for review. After a careful study, just 41 of them respected laid down principles implying over 1420 were found wanting. “Over 700 of the documents have been rejected.” He said
Following the terms of reference from the President of FECAFOOT in relation to the wellbeing of players, two key recommendations have been made. “The obligatory registration of players with the National Social Insurance Fund NSIF and the registration of players contracts at the inspectorate of labour to ensure work security which permits them to work with an encouraging spirit.” He said
The President of the commission Mangaba Adalbert has described the session as good insisting that their key mission is to ensure that players have a comfortable future after working (playing) as professionals and ameliorate their conditions while in active service.
While recommending that clubs respect FECAFOOT, CAF and FIFA principles on the contracting of players, the commission has announced a visit to clubs in the coming days to acertain the veracity of the claims made in the contracts as relates salaries and bonuses.

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