Intermediate Lions team manager inspires action in the den

Since his appointment as team manager of the intermediate Lions, Timothee Atuba has been a source of inspiration to not just the technical staff but also the players.

The winner of the African Cup of Nations for Cameroon in the year 2000 appears for training in his football wears from top to bottom ready to participate in the sessions. During workshops organised by the coaches, Timothee participate with all necessary engagement.

He is noted for his respect of all instructions despite being team manager and part of the technical staff. Apart from performing his duty as fixer for the team, Timothee Atuba has surfaced as a strong inspiration for the players.

“He is very committed. I can assure you his kicks are very forceful. I don’t have teams with strong kicks like him” Epagne Leipzig goalkeeper hopeful for the intermediate lions said

“Seriously I had to ask him to engage the goal keepers like this because I know his strength and capabilities. I kick well but I know he is better and so useing him can help our goalkeepers better prepare. Truth be told I don’t know who in the senior team can kick as well as Atuba does.” Clement Assimba goalkeepers trainer said of the team manager

The former player for Ajax of Amsterdam, Tottenham Hotspur and others including Union of Douala notes that “I work very hard daily and that is good practice. I am a footballer and I can still play but not surely for too long and instense as I use to play.”

Players have expressed satisfaction with his approach to work and describes him as a true elder brother who inspires. This is contributing to the building of a team and camaraderie within the team.


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