CHAN 2020: Lions Coach announce change in the den

The Coach of the Intermediate Lions has announced that there will be a change in the preselected players currently camping in Mbankomo. Speaking during a press conference today at the CAF excellence center, Yves Clement Arroga A. disclosed that Simon Omosola initially called up for the preparation camp has not shown up and will be replaced by Anye Derick.

According to the Coach, the coming of Anye Derick newly signed shot stopper for Cotonsport of Garoua into the den is no surprise as he was already on the waiting list. The Coach has also indicated that all neccessary dispositions have been taken to have him in camp soonest.

Accompanying the Coach during the press conference were Dr Thom Bolivar of the medical team and the physical fitness trainer Herve Mbome.

« We ensured that everyone coming to camp was tested for COVID-19 so as to minimise the risk of contamination. We also have face masks for the team that we replace for everyone after 24hours and each time they go out like for training we make sure they are disinfected before retuning to camp. We have also done the clinical examination of the players. » Dr Thom told the press

« They have been off duty for long and that is why we have to put them through serious athletic activities to ensure they are fit. It will be gradual and increasing as we go alone. The work I have prepared for them is much but all this is to make sure we build a better team that can defend the country. » Herve Mbome explained.

Yves Dooh Moukoko and Etame Ngombe both defenders like Mark Ojong and Samuel Nlend midfielder and center forward respectively as well as goal keeper Dande Dande Junior have appreciated the takeoff of the camp and the plan of action presented to them while expressing their readiness to work hard and be on the final list.

The press conference followed the days morning training session which focused on jogging and aerobics.


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