Fédération Camerounaise de Football
Cyprian Ashu Besong : "Every team wants to qualify for the world cup"

After failing to qualify in two previous tournaments, Fecafoot came to a conclusion that something new ought to be done probably by someone new, with a new mentality and approach to youth football. President Tombi A Roko siddiki's choice fell on Cyprian Ashu Besong, hired from the youth team of Leicester in England. And from the results this far, the decision is simply paying off..

Coach Cyprian Ashu Besong days to the kick off how is your team adapting here in Zambia ?

"Fairly well. The weather is lovely, light rains in lusaka provide an fresh weather, ideal temperature for football. In Ndola it's a little hotter. The players have quickly adapted.

How do u rate the form of the team?

"The tempo of the boys is impressive. It was a long journey to Zambia, some of the boys were flying for the first time. It needed a bit of time to put all of that behind them a get focused for the job at hand. After training in Zambia, I can see great progress, and more quality"

How do you rate your opponents ?

"We respect them all. They are among the best eight in Africa. So they deserve some respect. So we won't take any team for granted. We know very little about our opponents but with youth football, it keeps changing all the time. What you see today won't necessarily be what you will see tomorrow. So we count on our strength and hope to impose our game philosophy on our opponents"

What are your objectives ?

"Every team wants to get to the second round and qualify for the world cup. That's the objective the Cameroon Football Federation set for us. But we shall take match after match and profit from all our chances.But if possible, go as far as the final. We got a crop of young talented players,so we can go even further.The senior team set the standard,so if we can do same,we won't spare any effort.Am sure the boys will make Cameroon proud."

Albert Njie Mbonde in Ndola.